Writing Activities

5 Writing Activities Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia _ imagine forest
Writing Activities
5 Writing Activities Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia

It’s every child’s dream to enter a fantasy world with a talking lion, an ice queen, sword fighting and of course snow! The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the most memorable stories and book series of all time. It teaches kids that you’re never too old for a good ...

writing activities for endangered species day_Imagine Forest
Writing Activities
6 Writing Activities for Endangered Species Day!

May 19th is endangered species day. It is most likely that you normally learn about endangered species and their habitats in a science lesson. But the important message of protecting endangered species can be expanded to writing! Don’t worry, our amazing writing activities for endangered species day, do not mean ...

Paper Story Idea Generator for kids - Imagine Forest
Paper Crafts, Writing Activities, Writing Games
Make Your Own Paper Story Idea Generator!

Today's paper craft activity is based on the classic paper fortune teller – but with a very educational twist! You may have used a paper fortune teller in the past to tell the fortunes of your friends or even as a way of tricking them into doing silly things! The ...

Summer Writing Challenge _ 31 days of Summer Writing Prompts _ imagine forest
Writing Activities, Writing Prompts
Summer Writing Challenge: 31 days of Summer Writing Prompts + Activities

The summer holidays are approaching or maybe already here for some of you! And what better way to spend your summer holidays than perfecting your writing skills with our amazing summer writing challenge! That’s 31 days of summer writing prompts to keep you writing for a good whole month! Get ...

Imagine Forest - easy pop-up book tutorial for kids
Paper Crafts, Writing Activities
Easy Pop-Up Book Tutorial (with images)

Today I am going to show you an exciting way to make story writing more fun for kids. Pop-up books are a brilliant for making stories literally pop off the page and bring them to life. A pop-book can be the perfect birthday gift and best of all you can ...

Top 10 Writing Activities to Make Writing Fun!
Writing Activities
Writing Activities to Make Writing Fun!

When most children think of writing they think of tons of lined paper with thousands of words written on it, line by line with the occasional spacing for paragraphs. But writing doesn’t need to be that boring and gloomy. Today I bring you my top 10 writing activities to making ...


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