How to Retell a Fairy tale in Five Easy Steps imagine forest

There’s something about fairy tales. No matter how many times you read, no matter how old you are or who you are – They never get boring and never go out of style! One of the things that makes fairy tales or myths fun is retelling them! Thinking, what if this happened instead of that. What if the bad guy won, what if the prince never came, what if the hero had superpowers…The possibilities of retelling a fairy tale are endless! And because everyone knows at least one fairy tale, this makes retelling them even more exciting to read and even write about, especially if you can’t think of a story idea at the moment. When retelling a fairy tale or any story, the basic idea is already there, the main thing is changing some of the elements to give the story a different outcome. Since February 26th is tell a fairy tale day we decided to give you a masterclass on how to retell a fairy tale in 5 easy steps for kids.

Fun Writing Ideas for Kindergartenen Writing Games imagine forest

When we think about some writing activities for kindergarten, for the children of the first grade or something similar, only one thing is essential. That is – to come up with some extraordinary and out of the box ideas. To make a child focus on some useful tasks like writing is difficult, but once we start channelizing their energy and curiosity in some activities by knowing their interest areas, it becomes easy. Today, let’s be a kid again. To teach our children, we should think like a kid, understand like a kid, and learn like a kid. Maybe this little effort can pour us with a lot of ideas of creative writing for our genius kids. Here, I am going to show some of the coolest kindergarten writing games which can motivate children to work hard on their writing skills.

Alice in the wonderland shape poetry writing activity imagine forest

Poems can be such a joy to write and are one the quickest and easiest writing activities out there! Not everyone can write a 500 words story every day, but you can write a short poem, like a haiku or a Tanka. Today we decided to look at one of the most creative forms of poetry, shape poems! And because today is also Lewis Carroll’s birthday we decided to take inspiration from Alice in the Wonderland. So, carry on reading if you want to learn the rules of shape poetry and find some examples of Alice in the Wonderland shape poetry!

5 Writing Activities Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia _ imagine forest

It’s every child’s dream to enter a fantasy world with a talking lion, an ice queen, sword fighting and of course snow! The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the most memorable stories and book series of all time. It teaches kids that you’re never too old for a good adventure, to never give up, to be honest, and always be forgiving and so much more. To celebrate the birthday of C.S Lewis on the 29th November, here is a list of 5 writing activities inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia. These writing activities are great for everyone, whether you’ve read the books or not!

Summer Writing Challenge _ 31 days of Summer Writing Prompts _ imagine forest

The summer holidays are approaching or maybe already here for some of you! And what better way to spend your summer holidays than perfecting your writing skills with our amazing summer writing challenge! That’s 31 days of summer writing prompts to keep you writing for a good whole month! Get out your notebook and pencil and put your brain into creative mode, as each day you complete a creative writing exercise. By the end of the 31 days you will have nifty little collection of summer stories to tell your friends or keep as inspiration for future masterpieces! You can download our summer writing challenge printable here or see the list below of the 31 days of summer writing prompts.