Writing Activities to Make Writing Fun!

When most children think of writing they think of tons of lined paper with thousands of words written on it, line by line with the occasional spacing for paragraphs. But writing doesn’t need to be that boring and gloomy. Today I bring you my top 10 writing activities to making writing fun and colourful!

Kids Writing Activities to Make Writing Fun:

1. Paper craft animal envelopes to encourage your kids to write letters to their friends, family, heroes, aliens, anyone they like! Inside the child can write any message they like, such as “how were your holidays…” or “We’re having a party this weekend…”DIY Animal Envelopes tutorial

2. Ask your child to draw their own monster or character and describe it. – What are its strengths, weaknesses, where does it live, what does it like doing and so on?

3. Use story starters to inspire reluctant writers. These can be simple sentences, such as “It was Timmy’s first day at school and he was excited…” and your child can continue writing the rest of the story. Or you could use photos and your child’s drawings to inspire story-writing by asking the child to describe what’s happening in this image.

4. Get the kids involved in the weekly grocery shopping! Ask them to write the shopping list with drawings. You can download a free and fun grocery list template from here.

5. Turn your child’s story into a real book! You can buy blank books from Amazon or create your own mini paper book, using this tutorial. With this tutorial you can create a fully customisable book, with your own cover, back page and they can even draw their own illustrations inside!

step 8_How to Make a Mini Paper Notebook Tutorial

6. Get your child to create their own Christmas cards, greeting cards or get well cards to send to someone they know. They can write their own personal message inside and draw a picture on the outside.

step 5 - 3d christmas card tutorial for kids - Imagine Forest

7. Ask your child to write their own short movie script, they can create a cast list and give all the different characters different things to say. You can find a free script and cast list template here! Think about the conversation between the characters, what problems would they encounter, who is the villain in this story? We also think these free finger puppets printable could be great for story-telling.paper finger puppets_red riding hood_mockup_ imagine forest

8. Ask your child to keep a simple hand-written blog about their hobbies and interests. What do they like doing in their spare time, why do they enjoy this, maybe provide instructions on how someone can also be good at this hobby.

9. Ask your child to write their own newspaper article or create their own newspaper about the daily events that happen at home or at school. Remember the use of the 5 W’s and 1 H when writing newspaper articles. Our newspaper challenge online activity is great for creating fun newspaper articles.

imagine forest newspaper writing activity

10. Create a ‘Wanted’ poster for famous villains in storybooks, such as Miss Trunchball from Matilda or Cinderella’s Step Mother. You can find a free blank template here.

11. Play a quick game of paper telephone Pictionary to get those creative juices flowing. It’s also a great way to generate some funny story ideas, if you can’t think of any.

Know anymore fun writing activities for kids? Tell us your ideas below…

Top 10 Writing Activities to Make Writing Fun!

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