How to Create a Monster Flip Book

Yesterday I was walking in Imagine Forest and noticed a new creature to add to my journal. It had small fangs like a vampire bat, a nose like a cat and two pairs of ears like a rat. I just realised the previous sentence rhymes! Anyway this odd creature inspired me to create a monster flip book. A monster flip book is a book that takes certain features from animals, humans, witches, anything you want and combines them to create a whole new creature. I will now show you how to make your very own monster flip book.

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How to Create a Monster Flip Book:

What you will need:

  1. 1 A4 piece of paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Ruler
  4. Scissors
  5. Stapler
  6. Black pen
  7. Pencil crayons (optional)

First halve the A4 piece of paper 3 times as shown in the images below:

Monster Flip Book - Step 1Monster Flip Book - Step 1Monster Flip Book - Step 1

Please ask an adult to help you out here. Reopen the piece of paper and cut using scissors as shown by the red dotted line in the image. You should end up with 4 pieces of folded paper.

Monster Flip Book - Step 1Monster Flip Book - Step 1

Put all the pieces of paper together and staple it together (you might need to ask an adult to help you out here). So you end up with a small booklet:

Monster Flip Book - Step 3Monster Flip Book - Step 3Monster Flip Book - Step 3

Next, use a ruler to draw 3 lines into your booklet, make sure the middle section is slightly smaller than the top and bottom and that the lines are in the same position on every page in the booklet apart from the back and front cover of your book.

Monster Flip Book - Step 4

Now comes the fun part. Draw out a characters face on each page using the following guidelines. In the top section draw the characters eyes and hair, in the middle section draw the characters nose and ears and in the bottom section draw the mouth and chin. Complete the whole booklet with weird and wacky characters leaving the cover and back page blank.

Monster Flip Book - Step 4

Once you are happy with your drawings you can outline them with a black pen to make them stand out and colour them in if you want.

Monster Flip Book - Step 5

Now you can make a cover for you book – you can call the book anything you want and design any front cover. On the back you can write a blurb to tell readers what it is about or leave it blank…

Monster Flip Book - Step 6 Monster Flip Book - Step 6

The final step is to cut along the pencil lines you drew earlier inside your booklet to make it a flip book!

Monster Flip Book - Step 7

As you turn the pages of this booklet you will see strange and wonderful creatures that you can use in your stories as inspiration.

Need inspiration to create your characters? Why not listen to the ‘Monsters Song’ by Pancake Manor on Youtube.

How to create a Monster Flip Book

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