10 Football Writing Prompts to Get Your Kids Writing!

The World Cup is on it’s way! Cheers, chants and waving flags all across the world. While this is a great time to kick a ball about with your friends or sit in front of your TV cheering on your favourite team. You can even use the World Cup as a source of inspiration to improve your child’s writing skills. And even as an encouragement to get reluctant writers to love writing through their passion for football or soccer (for our international readers)! Here are 10 football writing prompts to get your child writing through their love of the sport.

10 Football Writing Prompts

    1. You are the manager of your favourite football team. Create a game plan on how they can win their next game.
    2. Write a fan letter to your favourite football player. What would you want to ask them?
    3. Create a poster to support your favourite football team. What kind of slogan would you use?
    4. Write your own football chant or song to support your favourite football team. A chant or a song is similar to writing a poem. You can take a look at our poetry writing tips to help you.
    5. You have 60 seconds left and your favourite football team is losing. What would you do?
    6. List in detail 3 reasons why you love your favourite football team.
    7. What football players would you include in your dream team and why? Describe each player’s features and the position they would play.
    8. You are a reporter for the sports column for your school newspaper. Write a short news article piece on the most recent football game you watched. Remember you can use the 5 W’s technique to help you (what, where, who, when and why).
    9. If you could meet your favourite footballer of all time, what would you say? Or what questions would you ask them? You can even write a script of how the conversation would go between you the two of you.
    10. Imagine an alien who just came to Earth and has no idea about football. How would describe football to them? Can you write a step-by-step guide on how to play football?

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Got any more football writing prompts?

Football really is a great sport! Not only can it keep active, but when thinking creatively it can improve your child’s writing skills too! Do you have any ideas for football writing activities or writing prompts that will motivate reluctant writers to write for pleasure? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Football writing prompts by Imagine Forest

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