12 Children’s Book Inspired Nursery Ideas

If you and your husband are book lovers and want to instil the love of books into your baby. Then designing your kid’s nursery using a children’s book inspired theme is a perfect idea. This article will show you 12 children’s book inspired nursery ideas that will help you to design your kid’s nursery and give it a playful spirit for any book lover.

12 Children’s Book Inspired Nursery Ideas:

 1. The Little Prince

The little price theme for the walls of your nursery is an excellent choice. Paint the picture of the little prince flying in the clouds in search of his planet. This theme will not only add colour to your nursery and uplift its vibe, but also increase the imagination power of your little one.

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ The little prince

2. Harry Potter

Those all-time famous Harry Potter books liked by kids and adults around the world. The magical theme from the Harry Potter books can give a dramatic touch to your kid’s nursery. You can paint the walls according to your favourite house of Hogwarts, or you can paint each house on a single wall. The choice is yours!

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ Harry Potter

3. The Wild Wood Chronicles

This fantasy and adventure that comes with the theme of wild wood chronicles is perfect for decorating your kid’s nursery that he/she will surely enjoy. Write the quote, “There’s as much benefit to wishing the world away as there is in demanding a bud to bloom.” On the main wall of the nursery to give it an exquisite look to your nursery.

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ The wild wood chronicles

4. Peter Pan

Children of all ages love Peter Pan! Paint a big shadow of Peter Pan on the wall near the crib to give an illusion that Peter Pan is standing right beside you.

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ Peter pan

5. The Secret Garden

This is a relatively easy theme to follow for your kid’s nursery. You can easily find floral wall paper and incorporate indoor plants in the nursery to give a natural feel. This magical theme will surely uplift the vibe of your nursery and keep your child energetic and fresh.

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ The secret garden

6. Winnie the Pooh

This is a great theme if you are looking forward to incorporating bright and vibrant shades to your home nursery. Paint all the characters of the story on the walls, with some inspirational quotes from Winnie the Pooh. Your kid will definitely love the colour and cuteness factor.

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ Winnie the Pooh

7. Paddington Bear Nursery

Paddington bear was named after the Paddington train station in London. The cute bear painted on the walls of your home nursery gives it a lively and playful spirit to your nursery.

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ Paddington Bear Nursery

8. Curious George Nursery

This theme can instil the fun of adventure and curiosity in your little one by keeping your nursery playful and cheery. Paint a big monkey following a man with the yellow hat and let the fun follow!

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ Curious George Nursery

9. The Hungry Caterpillar

The hungry caterpillar is the best option if you are planning to design your home nursery on a gender neutral theme. It adds a bold look to your nursery making it a place that your little one will love.

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ The hungry caterpillar

10. The Wizard Of Oz

This theme can add a new life to your home nursery. The magic and adventure that comes with this theme will boost the imagination power of your child and make him/her more adventurous. You can make the following into a yellow brick road and paint the Emerald city on one of the walls. And even include an inspirational quote from the Wizard of Oz books.

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ The wizard of Oz

11. Lion King

You can use a jungle theme and paint Simba’s family and friends on the walls of the nursery to give a natural theme that will soothe your baby and keep him active and energetic. Place a comfortable nursery glider beside the crib of your kid to rock him to sleep while you read your favourite book.

Children's Book Inspired Nursery _ Lion King

12. All thing’s Dr. Seuss

Thinking about designing kids nurseries, you cannot forget Dr. Seuss. His magical words kick off the creative abilities of youngsters all over, and his fun rhymes are infectious. Try incorporating of these inspirational Dr. Seuss quotes into your nursery. Vibrant colours and brilliant shades also add the element of fun to your kid’s nursery.

Children's Book Inspired Nursery ideas _ All thing Dr. Seuss

Inspired to create a Children’s Book Inspired Nursery?

Decorating your newborn’s nursery? Have you ever thought of creating a Children’s Book Inspired Nursery? Let us know in the comments below.

12 Children's book inspired nursery ideas _ Imagine forest

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