Imagine Forest Needs Illustrators!

Are you an Illustrator? Want more exposure for your artwork?

Imagine Forest needs as many illustrators as possible to fill in the image gallery feature on our website. As you may or may not already know Imagine Forest is an online platform for children to write their own stories. We want a younger generation to see story-writing as a fun activity and we want to inspire them to continue writing as they get older.

To help motivate children to write stories we plan on having an image gallery feature on our website, allowing the child to choose various images and use them in their story. We want a wide variety of artwork in different styles, whether these are paintings, sketches, digital graphics, photos or anything else!

You as an illustrator will be given their own artist page on our website, where you can showcase your artwork, provide a description of yourself and links to your website, twitter page and so on.  Also when a user uses your artwork in their story, your name will appear in that story to tell readers that your artwork has been used here – to ensure you get the credit for your work.

Inside the image gallery your name will appear with an image to represent you, when the user clicks on this they will be able to view more of your artwork inside to use in their stories (see image below):Imagine Forest - Image Gallery Example

Benefits for Illustrators:

  • Exposure: You can gain new fans for your artwork through our community seeing your artwork in the stories they read and using the artwork in their own stories.
  • Feel good factor: You will be supporting a project with educational benefit to children and with a primary goal of making creative writing fun for children!
  • Keep your copyright: The artwork you provide will always be yours with no strings attached.


If you are interested or need more information please email us at: info<at> with the subject ‘artwork’.

Imagine Forest needs illustrators

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