150+ Purple Dragon Names

From majestic amethyst scales to rainbowy violet hues, purple dragons captivate imaginations with their enchanting colouration. But what to name these mystical creatures? Whether you’re writing a fantasy novel, designing a captivating game character, or simply seeking inspiration for your artistic endeavours, this comprehensive list of 150+ purple dragon names offers a treasure trove of options to spark your creativity. So, unleash your inner dragon tamer and find the perfect name for your purple dragon.

Purple Dragon Name Generator

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How To Name A Purple Dragon

The name of your purple dragon is crucial – it should capture its essence, personality, and inspire awe. But where to begin? Fear not, fellow dragon enthusiast! Follow these steps to craft the perfect name for your majestic creature:

  1. Consider their colour:  Is your dragon a deep amethyst, a playful lilac, or something in between? Explore different purple hues and the emotions they evoke (e.g., amethyst for wisdom, lavender for gentleness).
  2. Reflect on their personality: Is your dragon fierce, wise, playful, or mysterious? Capture their essence with words that represent those traits (e.g., “Cinderspark” for a fiery dragon, “Moonglimmer” for a gentle one).
  3. Think about their abilities: Does your dragon breathe fire, possess magic, or have unique skills? Reference these abilities in their name for added personality (e.g., “Shadowwhisper” for a stealthy flyer, “Firedancer” for a graceful fire breather).
  4. Combine descriptive words: Combine colour and personality references for evocative names like “Amethystwisp” or “Lilacstorm.”
  5. Invent new words: Create unique names using sounds or prefixes you like (e.g., “Aerion,” “Lunari,” “Zephyra”).
  6. Say it aloud: Does the name flow smoothly and feel right for your dragon?
  7. Consider the context: Does it fit within your story or world-building?
  8. Refine and iterate: Experiment with variations until you find the perfect fit.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer. This guide is just a starting point to help you unlock your creativity and give your purple dragon a name they truly deserve!

Purple Dragon Names

Dive headfirst into the world of vibrant hues and mythical beasts! Explore our collection of over 150 Purple Dragon Names, each paired with a captivating description to ignite your imagination and inspire your next fantastical creation. From graceful lavender whispers to fiery amethyst storms, find the perfect name for your majestic purple dragon:

  • Lavendara: Lavendara is a majestic dragon whose scales shimmer with hues of lavender, known for her wisdom and grace.
  • Amethystrix: Amethystrix is a fierce dragon with scales as radiant as amethysts, wielding powerful magic with a regal demeanour.
  • Tyrianthia: Tyrianthia is a mystical dragon whose iridescent purple scales gleam in the sunlight, guardian of ancient secrets hidden in the mountains.
  • Periwinkleon: Periwinkleon is a playful dragon whose soft periwinkle scales belie her immense strength, often seen soaring through the clouds with a mischievous grin.
  • Indigora: Indigora is a mysterious dragon with deep indigo scales, known for her enigmatic presence and ability to vanish into thin air.
  • Orchidius: Orchidius is an elegant dragon whose orchid-coloured scales exude an aura of tranquillity, revered for her healing powers and gentle spirit.
  • Violetaur: Violetaur is a noble dragon whose violet-hued scales shimmer like the night sky, protector of the forests and defender of the innocent.
  • Magenthor: Magenthor is a formidable dragon with magenta scales that blaze with fierce intensity, feared by all who dare to challenge his might.
  • Plumara: Plumara is a dragon of unparalleled beauty, her plum-coloured scales reflecting the richness of twilight, known for her enchanting song that echoes through the valleys.
  • Grapevynx: Grapevynx is a cunning dragon with shimmering grape-coloured scales, master of trickery and illusion, often seen weaving through the shadows with silent grace.
  • Amethystwing: A majestic dragon with scales shimmering like polished amethyst, known for its wisdom and gentle nature.
  • Duskfire: A fierce dragon with scales the colour of twilight, breathing fire that ignites the night sky with purple hues.
  • Lilacwhisper: A stealthy dragon with fur the colour of lavender, known for its silent movements and keen senses.
  • Violetspark: A playful dragon with scales like sparkling violets, leaving a trail of shimmering dust in its wake.
  • Nightshade: A mysterious dragon with scales as dark as midnight, shrouded in an aura of intrigue and power.
  • Plumshadow: A solitary dragon with scales the colour of ripe plums, preferring to dwell in hidden valleys and ancient forests.
  • Lavendermist: A gentle dragon with scales the colour of lavender blossoms, known for its calming presence and soothing breath.
  • Amethyststorm: A powerful dragon with scales that shimmer like a storm cloud, unleashing lightning strikes tinged with purple.
  • Twilightwhisper: A wise dragon with scales the colour of twilight, known for its prophetic visions and cryptic messages.
  • Moonwhisper: A graceful dragon with scales like moonlight, known for its mystical abilities and connection to the celestial realm.
  • Ultravioleta: Ultravioleta is a dragon whose radiant ultraviolet scales emit a mesmerising glow, capable of bending light to her will and illuminating the darkest of nights.
  • Lilacornis: Lilacornis is a gentle dragon whose lilac-coloured scales shimmer with a soft iridescence, known for her nurturing nature and affinity for nurturing young creatures.
  • Mauvethorn: Mauvethorn is a dragon with sharp mauve-colored scales, adorned with thorns that protect her from harm, dwelling deep within tangled forests where she guards ancient treasures.
  • Lavoplume: Lavoplume is a volcanic dragon with deep purple scales tinged with fiery hues, her mighty wings generating clouds of ash and smoke as she soars over molten rivers of lava.
  • Irispire: Irispire is a dragon whose scales reflect the colours of the rainbow, with a predominant hue of purple, possessing the ability to manipulate the elements with a single glance from her piercing violet eyes.
  • Sapphirix: Sapphirix is a dragon with shimmering sapphire scales that shift in hue from deep indigo to brilliant violet, revered as a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment.
  • Ametrinna: Ametrinna is a dragon with scales that mimic the colours of ametrine gemstones, a fusion of amethyst and citrine, embodying balance and harmony in both her appearance and demeanour.
  • Orchidara: Orchidara is a dragon whose orchid-coloured scales are adorned with delicate patterns resembling orchid blossoms, known for her affinity for floral magic and her ability to bring life to barren lands.
  • Grapevineer: Grapevineer is a dragon whose grape-coloured scales are intertwined with vines and leaves, allowing her to blend seamlessly into the lush vegetation of her forest home, where she guards the secrets of nature.
  • Violectra: Violectra is a dragon whose electric violet scales crackle with energy, capable of unleashing powerful bolts of lightning and storms at her command, reigning over the skies with awe-inspiring might.
  • Indigoveil: A shy dragon with velvety scales the colour of indigo, preferring to hide in the shadows and observe the world.
  • Irisflare: A vibrant dragon with scales like a blooming iris, radiating a dazzling array of purple hues.
  • Amethystsoul: A noble dragon with scales that shimmer with inner light, embodying wisdom and compassion.
  • Lunarwhisper: A serene dragon with scales like a moonlit sky, radiating a calming presence and a connection to the cosmic forces.
  • Starfire: A playful dragon with scales that shimmer like the night sky, breathing fire that ignites constellations in the air.
  • Whisperingplum: A gentle dragon with scales like a ripe plum, known for its soothing voice and ability to calm turbulent storms.
  • Duskbringer: A powerful dragon with scales the colour of approaching dusk, heralding change and transformation.
  • Nightsong: A graceful dragon with scales the colour of twilight, known for its hauntingly beautiful song that echoes through the night.
  • Twilightweaver: A wise dragon with scales that blend the colours of dusk and dawn, known for its ability to manipulate time and fate.
  • Pansyra: Pansyra is a dragon with delicate pansy-purple scales, possessing an innate connection to the spirit realm and often sought out for her prophetic visions.
  • Nebulithe: Nebulithe is a dragon whose scales shimmer like swirling nebulae, with hues of purple reminiscent of distant galaxies, rumoured to have traversed the cosmos in search of ancient knowledge.
  • Ametrallus: Ametrallus is a dragon whose scales resemble the rich tones of ametrine, blending amethyst and citrine hues, known for her affinity for gemstone magic and her ability to imbue objects with mystical properties.
  • Twilightora: Twilightora is a dragon whose scales reflect the hues of twilight, with shades of dusky purple and rosy mauve, often seen soaring at dusk and dawn, heralding the changing of the day.
  • Cobaltara: Cobaltara is a dragon with deep cobalt-blue scales tinged with purple, guardian of underwater realms and master of the ocean currents, revered by sailors and sea creatures alike.
  • Lavandercryst: Lavacryst is a dragon whose lavender scales are infused with crystalline formations, born from the depths of volcanic caverns and revered for her ability to channel the earth’s fiery energies.
  • Amaranthine: Amaranthine is a dragon with scales the colour of everlasting amaranth flowers, known for her unwavering determination and resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Iridesca: Iridesca is a dragon whose iridescent scales shimmer with hues of purple and blue, capable of blending seamlessly into her surroundings and disappearing from sight at will.
  • Heliovine: Heliovine is a dragon whose scales gleam with the brilliance of sunlight filtering through grapevines, revered as a symbol of vitality and renewal, often seen basking in sunny meadows.
  • Mystiqula: Mystiqula is a dragon of mystery and enchantment, her deep purple scales veiled in an aura of magic, whispered to hold the key to unlocking ancient arcane secrets.
  • Certainly! Here’s a list of **10 made-up fictional purple dragon names**, along with a short one-sentence description for each:
  • Amethystia: An ancient and wise dragon whose scales shimmer like polished amethysts. She guards hidden crystal caverns deep within the mountains.
  • Lavendros: A mischievous dragon with lavender-hued scales, known for playing pranks on unsuspecting travelers. His laughter echoes through the enchanted forests.
  • Violetfire A fearsome dragon whose breath weapon releases intense violet flames, capable of melting even the toughest metals. She hoards ancient scrolls and arcane artefacts.
  • Iriscale: A regal dragon whose iridescent purple scales shift colours like a rainbow. She is a protector of forgotten temples and sacred groves.
  • Tyrianth: A mystical dragon that dwells in mist-shrouded valleys, its wings trailing wisps of lavender fog. Tyrianth can see glimpses of the future in the stars.
  • Perseplum: A small but spirited dragon with plum-coloured wings, often mistaken for a hummingbird due to its rapid flight. Perseplum collects rare flowers and herbs.
  • Grimshade: A brooding dragon that haunts moonlit cliffs, its shadowy form blending seamlessly with the night sky. Grimshade feeds on dreams and memories.
  • Orchidrex: An elegant dragon who weaves intricate spells using orchid petals. Its lair is adorned with delicate crystal chimes that sing in the breeze.
  • Mauvewind: A nomadic dragon that roams desert dunes, its wings creating gentle mauve sandstorms. Mauvewind seeks lost oases and ancient oaths.
  • Ebonbloom: A mysterious dragon that emerges during lunar eclipses, its midnight-purple scales adorned with silver constellations. Ebonbloom guards forgotten celestial secrets.
  • Lilacorn: A graceful dragon with a single twisted horn, its lavender scales shimmering like moonlight on water. Lilacorn is a guardian of forgotten dreams.
  • Indigore: A mysterious dragon that weaves illusions with its deep indigo wings. It lures travellers into hidden realms where time stands still.
  • Violethorn: A fierce dragon whose thorny purple hide protects ancient rose gardens. Its breath releases fragrant petals that heal wounds.
  • Amethystus: A scholarly dragon that hoards rare gemstones, especially amethysts. Its eyes glow with ancient knowledge and secrets.
  • Mistshade: A phantom dragon that drifts through twilight mists, its form ever-changing. Mistshade whispers forgotten prophecies to those who listen.
  • Plumewind: A playful dragon that dances on zephyrs, its plum-coloured wings leaving trails of stardust. Plumewind brings luck to star-crossed lovers.
  • Ultraviolet: An otherworldly dragon that exists beyond visible light, its scales emitting a soft glow in the darkest caverns. Ultraviolet guards cosmic gateways.
  • Lavendrosa: A gentle dragon that tends to lavender fields, its breath infusing the air with soothing aromas. Lavendrosa heals both body and soul.
  • Tyrianthia: An enigmatic dragon that weaves tapestries from twilight hues, capturing fleeting moments of magic and wonder. Tyrianthia guards the boundary between realms.
  • Celestriax: Celestriax is a dragon whose scales shimmer with the celestial hues of purple and silver, said to have been born from the stars and possess cosmic powers beyond comprehension.
  • Velvetus: Velvetus is a dragon with velvety purple scales that exude an aura of regal elegance, revered as a patron of the arts and muse to poets and painters alike.
  • Nebulisk: Nebulisk is a dragon whose scales resemble swirling nebulae, with shades of deep purple and sparkling stardust, known for her ethereal beauty and otherworldly grace.
  • Lavenderon: Lavenderon is a dragon whose lavender-coloured scales emit a soothing fragrance, known for her calming presence and ability to bring peace to troubled hearts.
  • Iciclethorn: Iciclethorn is a dragon with icy purple scales and sharp, crystalline spikes, reigning over frozen tundras where she hunts with stealth and precision.
  • Amethystria: Amethystria is a dragon whose scales glisten like precious amethysts, guardian of hidden crystal caves where she hoards treasures beyond imagination.
  • Violetalisk: Violetalisk is a dragon with scales that shift between shades of violet and indigo, blending seamlessly into the shadows as she prowls the night.
  • Prismara: Prismara is a dragon whose scales refract light into a dazzling array of colours, with a predominant hue of royal purple, embodying the beauty and complexity of the rainbow.
  • Obsidiara: Obsidiara is a dragon with scales as dark as obsidian, tinged with deep purple hues, known for her fierce loyalty and unwavering determination in the face of adversity.
  • Lilacbreeze: A gentle dragon whose lavender scales flow like a soothing breeze, calming troubled hearts and minds.
  • Wisteriaweaver: A mystical dragon with scales resembling cascading wisteria flowers, weaving illusions with its breath.
  • Lilacanto: A majestic dragon with scales the colour of a vibrant lilac flower, its wings adorned with delicate pollen. It pollinates rare, mythical flowers that grant wishes to those worthy.
  • Lilacbloom: A playful dragon with scales like blooming lilac flowers, spreading joy and laughter wherever it flies.
  • Noxflare: A powerful dragon with scales like a nebula erupting, breathing fire that ignites the night with vibrant purple hues.
  • Violetta: A cunning shapeshifter with scales that blend into the forest, its true form revealed only through bursts of violet lightning.
  • Purpura: Purpura is a spirited dragon with shimmering purple scales, known for his adventurous nature and boundless curiosity.
  • Plumero: Plumero is a playful dragon with plum-colored scales, whose mischievous antics bring laughter to all around him.
  • Indigoth: Indigoth is a mysterious dragon with deep indigo scales, often disappearing into the shadows as he roams the night sky.
  • Amethysia: Amethysia is a wise dragon with amethyst-coloured scales, revered for her ancient knowledge and sage counsel.
  • Orchidia: Orchidia is a graceful dragon with orchid-hued scales, whose beauty rivals that of the rarest flowers in the garden.
  • Periwisp: Periwisp is an elusive dragon with periwinkle-colored scales, known for her ethereal presence and ability to vanish without a trace.
  • Grapefire: Grapefire is a fiery dragon with grape-colored scales, whose breath ignites with the intensity of a raging inferno.
  • Lavenderdusk: Lavenderdusk is a serene dragon whose scales shimmer like the fading light of dusk, bringing tranquillity to the lands she traverses.
  • Amethystblaze: Amethystblaze is a fierce dragon with scales that glow like burning amethysts, her fiery breath leaving trails of purple flames in her wake.
  • Violetgale: Violetgale is a swift dragon whose violet-coloured scales catch the wind as she soars through the skies, her presence heralding the coming of storms.
  • Orchidwhisper: Orchidwhisper is a gentle dragon with orchid-hued scales, her soft voice carrying the secrets of the forest on the wind as she roams the woodlands.
  • Periwinkleshade: Periwinkleshade is a mysterious dragon whose periwinkle-coloured scales blend seamlessly with the shadows, her elusive form disappearing into the darkness.
  • Magentamist: Magentamist is a mystical dragon with scales that shimmer like mist kissed by the setting sun, her ethereal presence bringing dreams and visions to those who behold her.
  • Grapestorm: Grapestorm is a powerful dragon with grape-coloured scales, her roars echoing like thunder as she commands the tempestuous winds and rain.
  • Lilacwhisperer: Lilacwhisperer is a wise dragon with lilac-coloured scales, her gentle demeanour and soothing presence calming even the fiercest of storms.
  • Plumflame: Plumflame is a fierce dragon with plum-coloured scales, her fiery breath igniting with the intensity of a thousand blazing suns.
  • Indigowhisper: Indigowhisper is an enigmatic dragon whose deep indigo scales seem to absorb the very essence of night, her silent flight leaving only whispers in her wake.
  • Irisfire: Irisfire is a dragon whose scales shimmer with the colours of the rainbow, with a dominant hue of deep purple, known for her blazing breath that ignites the skies.
  • Lavenderstorm: Lavenderstorm is a mighty dragon whose lavender-coloured scales ripple with power, commanding the winds and clouds as she sweeps across the land.
  • Amaranthflame: Amaranthflame is a fearsome dragon with scales the colour of amaranth flowers, her fiery breath leaving trails of violet flames in her wake.
  • Orchidshard: Orchidshard is a resilient dragon with orchid-coloured scales as tough as gemstones, her formidable presence a testament to her strength and endurance.
  • Periwinklenova: Periwinklenova is an elegant dragon with periwinkle-coloured scales, whose graceful movements are as mesmerizing as the dance of the stars in the night sky.
  • Magentablaze: Magentablaze is a dragon whose magenta scales shimmer with the intensity of a blazing fire, her ferocious roar striking fear into the hearts of her enemies.
  • Grapewhirl: Grapewhirl is a swift dragon with grape-coloured scales, her movements as fluid and unpredictable as the swirling currents of a raging river.
  • Lilacflare: Lilacflare is a radiant dragon with lilac-coloured scales that emit a soft, luminous glow, illuminating the darkness with her gentle presence.
  • Plumfrost: Plumfrost is a dragon with plum-coloured scales, her icy breath freezing everything in its path as she roams the frost-covered landscapes.
  • Indigospark: Indigospark is a dragon whose indigo scales crackle with electrical energy, her thunderous roars heralding the arrival of storms and tempests.
  • Indigofrost: Indigofrost is a dragon with indigo scales that shimmer with an icy sheen, her breath freezing the very air around her as she prowls the frozen tundra.
  • Lilacwhirlwind: Lilacwhirlwind is a dragon whose lilac-coloured scales blur with speed as she races across the skies, leaving a trail of swirling winds and storm clouds in her wake.
  • Mysticshade: Mysticshade is a dragon whose deep purple scales seem to absorb and reflect the mysteries of the universe, cloaking her in an aura of enigmatic power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are purple dragons called?

Beyond the captivating beauty of their amethyst scales, purple dragons ignite curiosity with their unique place in the fantastical world. But what do we call these majestic creatures? Do they have a specific name, or are they simply labelled by their colour?

While there’s no single, universally recognised term for “purple dragon,” several approaches enrich the naming process:

  • Colour-Based Names: The most straightforward approach utilises their defining feature: purple. This leads to names like “Amethystwing,” “Lavenderstorm,” or “Nightshade.” These names are clear, concise, and evocative, instantly painting a mental picture of the dragon’s appearance.
  • Descriptive Names: Taking inspiration from their personality, abilities, or habitat creates more nuanced names. “Moonwhisper” suggests a gentle, nocturnal dragon, while “Starfire” evokes a fiery and vibrant one. 
  • Mythological References: Delving into mythology offers diverse naming opportunities. The Chinese “Zi Long” translates to “Purple Dragon,” embodying wisdom and power. The Japanese “Amethyst” dragon, a benevolent deity, inspires majestic names like “Amethystspirit” or “Amethystguardian.”
  • Invented Words: For a truly unique touch, consider inventing names like “Lunari” (moon), “Aerion” (sky), or “Astraumbra” (cosmic shadow). These names sound distinct and intriguing, adding a layer of mystery and originality.

Ultimately, the name you choose for your purple dragon depends on your personal preference and the specific context of your story or world-building. Whether you opt for a straightforward colour-based name or delve into descriptive titles and mythological references, remember that the ideal name should capture the essence of your unique purple dragon.

What famous dragons are purple?

While the image of a majestic purple dragon is certainly captivating, there aren’t as many widely known purple dragons compared to their green, red, or golden counterparts. However, a few notable examples stand out across various media:

  • Spyro the Dragon: Spyro is a beloved video game character who first appeared in the game “Spyro the Dragon” released for the PlayStation in 1998. Spyro is a small purple dragon known for his bravery and adventurous spirit as he embarks on quests to save his dragon friends and defeat the evil forces threatening his world.
  • Madam Mim (The Sword and the Stone, 1963): Madam Mim is a wicked and eccentric sorceress who relishes in causing mischief and chaos. When she transforms into a dragon, she becomes a large, purple-scaled creature with a mischievous grin and a penchant for wreaking havoc. 
  • Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty, 1959): While Maleficent herself is not inherently a dragon, she transforms into a formidable purple dragon during the climactic battle towards the end of the film. In this epic scene, Maleficent takes on the form of a towering, malevolent dragon with deep purple scales, glowing yellow eyes, and billowing green flames. 
  • Wings of Fire book series by Tui T. Sutherland:  There are several purple dragons known as NightWings. NightWings are one of the seven dragon tribes in the series, and they are characterised by their dark scales and their ability to see in the dark. While not all NightWings are purple, there are prominent characters within the tribe who possess purple scales, such as Fatespeaker.
  • Dungeons & Dragons (D&D): Deep Dragons sometimes referred to as Purple Dragons. Their scales primarily range from deep purple to violet, often described as shimmering or having an almost velvet-like texture. Unlike other chromatic dragons that dwell in mountains or volcanoes, deep dragons prefer the Underdark, residing in vast caverns and tunnels.

What is the purple dragon in mythology?

In most mythologies, there isn’t a specific “purple dragon” with a set of established characteristics. However, there are two noteworthy references worth exploring:

  1. Chinese Zi Long: “Zi Long” translates to “Purple Dragon” and appears in Chinese mythology. It symbolises wisdom, power, and good fortune. Depictions vary, sometimes shown with purple or blue scales. While not a prominent figure in myths compared to other dragons, it holds cultural significance.
  2. European Legends: Though no specific purple dragon exists, references to dragons with purplish hues appear in scattered European legends. The Tarasque from Provençal folklore can be depicted with purple scales in some interpretations. The legend of the Lambton Worm features a dragon often illustrated with green, brown, or even purple colours depending on the artist. 

These are more individual artistic choices than established mythological creatures. Therefore, the “purple dragon” isn’t a single, well-defined figure in mythology. However, the concept carries symbolism in Asian cultures and inspires artistic interpretations elsewhere. It’s an area open to creative exploration and interpretation, allowing you to shape your own purple dragon based on your preferences and inspirations.

What is the symbolic meaning of a purple dragon?

The symbolic meaning of a purple dragon can vary depending on cultural interpretations and personal beliefs. However, some common themes associated with purple dragons include:

  • Royalty and Nobility: Purple has long been associated with royalty and nobility due to its rarity and historical significance. As such, a purple dragon may symbolise power, authority, and majesty, embodying the qualities of a regal ruler or leader.
  • Mystery and Magic: Purple is also often linked to mystery, magic, and the unknown. A purple dragon may symbolise the arcane arts, mysticism, and the exploration of hidden knowledge or secrets.
  • Spirituality and Enlightenment: Purple is sometimes associated with spirituality and enlightenment, representing the pursuit of higher consciousness and spiritual awakening. A purple dragon may symbolise wisdom, insight, and the journey towards spiritual enlightenment.
  • Creativity and Imagination: Purple is often seen as a creative and imaginative colour, associated with artistic expression and innovation. A purple dragon may symbolise creativity, inspiration, and the power of the imagination to manifest dreams into reality.
  • Transformation and Change: Purple is sometimes linked to transformation and change, as it is a blend of the calming stability of blue and the passionate energy of red. A purple dragon may symbolise the ability to adapt, evolve, and embrace new beginnings.
  • Psychic Abilities: In some interpretations, like D&D’s deep dragon, purple is linked to psychic powers. This adds a layer of mental prowess, manipulation, and the ability to influence others.
  • Uniqueness and Individuality: As a less common colour for dragons, purple can suggest individuality, nonconformity, and a unique perspective. A purple dragon might stand out from the crowd, challenging conventions and forging its own path.
  • Duality and Contradiction: Purple can represent both positive and negative qualities, embodying duality and contradiction. This could reflect a complex dragon with both noble and cunning traits.

Overall, the symbolic meaning of a purple dragon can encompass a wide range of themes, from royalty and magic to spirituality and creativity. Ultimately, the interpretation of a purple dragon’s symbolism may vary depending on individual perspectives and cultural contexts.


And there you have it, a treasure trove of over 150 purple dragon names to spark your imagination! Remember, your creativity knows no bounds, so feel free to mix, match, and invent names that truly resonate with your unique vision. Let your dragon’s personality, abilities, and even their surroundings inspire you. 

Now, it’s your turn! Share your favourite names, your own creative inventions, or even the stories of your purple dragons in the comments below. Let’s continue to celebrate the majestic world of purple dragons, one name at a time!

150+ Purple Dragon Names

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