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Thank you for your interest in contributing to our blog! However due to the self-promotional nature of guest (or sponsored) posts, we are no longer open for submissions. If you are interested in forming a partnership with Imagine Forest, please use our contact form to get in touch. If you do not recieve a response from us in 7 days, please assume that your request has been denied.

Please ignore the information provided below this line…

No Longer Accepting Guest Posts

Here at Imagine Forest we are always happy to accept relevant guest posts from other bloggers, parents or anyone, really. Read the guidelines below to submit a guest post. We do not accept posts that fail to follow these guidelines, so we advise you to read these carefully before emailing us.

You can submit a one-off guest post or even become a monthly contributor with your own feature.

NOTE: Please use the form at the bottom of this post to submit your interest in writing for us. Also, please note we will NOT reply to any requests that are not following our guidelines or are not relevant to our blog. 

Who we are looking for?

If you are passionate about reading and writing then we would love to hear from you! You can be a professional or an amateur. As long as you are filled with brilliant ideas, we will be happy to hear from you. You don’t even need to have your own blog or to have any previous experience. What we want, is relevant content for our blog. That means anything to do with creative writing, reading, kid’s activities, paper crafts, children’s book reviews or any other fun ideas. Just take a look at our blog for some inspiration! You can submit a guest post by following the guidelines below.

Guest Post Guidelines

We accept a range of guest post types, these include project, articles, reviews and round-up. Maybe you can submit a guest post about reviewing children’s book and relating to creative writing for kids (Just a sneaky hint).

You can include an author bio with a link to your own blog or website, and may link to other posts on your site where relevant. You can include one affiliate link within the post, or links to a 3rd party commercial site. But only if it is appropriate and relevant to the content.

Project or How-to Posts

These type of posts relate to arts and crafts or creative kids activities with images to support the post. These should ideally be over 300 words and photos should be included when submitting. These may be edited by our Imagine Forest team to make sure they are of suitable size. Please avoid including any overlay text on your photos when submitting.

The images themselves should be at least 800px wide and should look as natural as possible (no over the top airbrushing, please. Please include at least one portrait image for the header and try to keep other pictures landscape or square sized.

Article Posts

Articles are longer posts and do not need any images, as we can create them. Article posts should be between 500 and 1,200 words long. They should include subheadings where appropriate to keep the post light and easy to read.

Book Review Posts

On the Imagine Forest blog, review posts relate to reviewing children’s books only (no other product reviews, please). You can review children’s classics, such as Peter Rabbit books or indie books from new and upcoming authors. You can submit the post with pictures of your child reading the book or include no images. The importance of review posts in reviewing the book and giving it a rating out of 10 at the end. You can see an example of ‘The Little Prince’ book review. Reviews should ideally be around 500 words and include both good and bad points about the book.

Round up Posts

These are list posts on a specific subject. The subject can include top 10 books for Mother’s Day or 10 creative writing activities for kids. You can provide public domain images or images from another site. Please remember to ask other site owner’s permission before using their images. Please try to include a variety of links from a variety of websites (not all links from only 2 or 3 sites). Lists should have an intro of 100 to 200 words and a minimum of 10 links on the same topic. We can create the header using the images you provided or our own – so you don’t need to worry about the header image.

Short Stories

As a creative writing community, we love stories! Let your imagination run wild and share your short stories with us! You can write a short story on any subject you like, it can be funny, serious or even action-packed! All we ask, is that your story is kid-friendly and at least 500 words. You can provide the images or we can create some for you – it’s really up to you! Short stories can only include a maximum of 1 affiliate link and you can still include another in your author bio. So get writing! Please bear in mind you can also submit a story in our community using our story creator. Please see our library of stories submitted by other members.

Benefit to Guest Bloggers

Guest posts come with an author bio linking back to your site. If you become a regular guest blogger for us, our audience may become your audience too! Our Imagine Forest team will also provide feedback on whether your post is relevant and engaging. Therefore, improving your writing skills and having something to show on your portfolio (Which is really important if you plan on blogging for bigger sites). Finally, we would love to help  upcoming bloggers build their name, portfolio and skills. So, if you are a new blogger we can definitely help you.


Guest posts are only free for posts with no external links* or no mentions of a third party company, app, product or service in both the body content and author bio section. If you would like an external link or mention in your post or author bio, then the base cost is £35 (GBP). We charge an extra £5 for any additional external link/mention. For example if your submitted guest post has 1 external link, this will cost £35. If the blog post contains 2 external links, this will cost £40. And if it contains 3 external links, then it will cost £45 and so on. Please note, the pricing is the same for do-follow and no-follow external links.

* External links are links that point to any third-party website, outside the Imagine Forest domain.

Submit a Guest Post?

Interested in guest blogging for Imagine Forest? Please complete this form [We are no longer accepting posts] and we will reply to you within 14 days with feedback. 

Important note: We will not reply to requests that DO NOT meet our guidelines. So, please do read these guidelines.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How many third-party links are allowed in a post? In most posts we allow between a maximum of ONE third party link (If we really like your post, we may allow 2 or 3 links). Each third-party link MUST link to a different domain or website. The only exception is reading list posts where you can include any number of third-party links, all linking to Amazon. If you are writing any other type of list post (which is not a reading list), you must link to different domains for every third-party link included. We also expect you to link to at least ONE of our blog posts on the Imagine Forest blog (an internal link).
  2. What are the minimum words for a post? We will allow a minimum of 500 words, but would love posts which have around 1,200 words.
  3. Can I link to this domain or link? If you are wondering whether your link is appropriate for our blog. Please ask yourself the following questions and if the answer is yes to all three then it probably will be okay with us (this is subject to us reviewing your whole post). Please note, we do not like posts that only promote a product/website and fail to provide our readers any value:
    1. Is the link child-friendly?
    2. Is the link relevant to your post?
    3. Is it placed naturally within your post?
  4. Do you charge a publishing fee or does it cost to post on Imagine Forest? Publishing on our blog is free for posts without any external links or third party company mentions. However if you would like a external link or mention, then this costs £35 for one external link in the main content. For every additional external link or mention, we charge £5 extra.
  5. How many do-follow links are allowed? We prefer only one do-follow link to your site within the body of the post and one optional do-follow link in your author bio. Remember the more do-follow links your post has, the more it will cost you.
  6. How do I know if my blog post will be accepted? Before sending us your blog post, please send us AT LEAST 3 ideas for blog posts or headlines. From these 3, we will choose the one that is most relevant to our readers and let you know, so you can start working on your blog post. If you sent us some ideas and have not heard from us within 14 days, please assume that your ideas were not successful and try sending some different ideas to us. We sometimes provide guest bloggers with feedback on their ideas, but don’t always have the time to reply to everyone’s emails.
  7. I have contacted Imagine Forest about guest posting and have not heard anything back – What’s happening? First of all, make sure you have checked your spam folder and email carefully, we might have replied and you could have missed it. If within 14 days you have not heard anything from us this means you have not been successful or have not followed our blogging guidelines. Therefore please read these guidelines carefully and try sending us more blog posts ideas which are more relevant to our blog.
  8. Will you change or edit my blog post? Yes, we have every right to change or edit your blog posts. This is likely to happen if your posts are too self-promotional or written in poor English.
  9. Do I need to provide images? In most cases, we can create the graphics for you. However if you are submitting a ‘How-to’ type post, then it is a good idea to submit your own photographs or graphics to accompy the post. Once these graphics are sumitted to us, you agree that you will allow Imagine Forest to edit and use these wherever we like on the site and on our social media channels. You should also have full copyright of the graphics before providing them to us. If you do not own the graphics, please do not submit them with your guest post.
  10. I have another question, who should I ask? Please, send any questions you have to our email address with the subject line, Guest Posting Question: [email protected]
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