24 Valentine’s Day Cards for School

The day of love is coming up. The perfect day to show your appreciation to anyone and everyone you love. But hold on a second, don’t most children hate “lovey dovey” Valentine’s Day cards? In fact, the last thing your child wants to do is create a Valentine’s Day card for school, even if they do secretly like a classmate. What to do? How can we make that moment when your child has to give a Valentine’s Day card to a classmate less embarrassing? Don’t worry! Thanks to a quick browse around the internet we found 24 super cool Valentine’s Day cards for school, that actually say “I love you” without really saying it!

Oh and as an added note, Valentine’s Day cards are brilliant way to practice your child’s handwriting and even creative writing skills! Take a look at our Valentine’s Day writing prompts for kids for inspiration on what to write inside your Valentine’s Day card.

Hot Air Balloon Card

We all heard of the saying “love is in the air”, so why not make a card that literally says that! This fun hot air balloon craft by The Inspiration Edit is brilliant way to brighten up a classmate’s day.

Strawberry Valentine Day Card

This sweet strawberry valentine day card by The Resourceful Mama is brilliant way to show your classmates how berry much your love them.

Spinning Heart Valentine’s Day Card

Forgot all those boring, motionless Valentine’s Day cards out there! This fun and interactive spinning heart card by Easy Peasy And Fun is guaranteed to amaze your classmates with excitement.

Mini Paper Plate Dinosaur

Show how “dino-mite” your classmates are with this cool dinosaur plate Valentine’s card by Crafty Morning.

A Big Hug Card

Too cool for real hugs, don’t worry this big hug card by Munofore is the next best thing. Not to mention the fun you’ll have making the handprints!

DIY Unicorn Valentine Card

Do you love all things unicorns? Then this magical unicorn valentine card by Hello Wonderful is the perfect card for any unicorn-lover! And if you really love unicorns, check our post on magical unicorn poems for kids to get you inspired.

Hidden Message Valentine’s Day Card

This card by Easy Peasy and Fun will definitely amaze your classmates and it’s simple to make! If your kids hate Valentine’s Day, then you can always replace the hearts with stars (or something else amazing)

Robot Valentine Card

Robots can have feelings! Especially when they created from love. This robot Valentine card by Make and Takes is super simple and super fun to make. It even includes googly eyes!

Monster Valentine’s Card

This monster Valentine’s card by Make and Takes is more than just a card! You can even stick your favourite candy or sweet to it and everyone likes sweets!

Woven Hearts Card for Valentine

We admit this card is a little lovey dovey, but we included it because kids will really enjoy making this woven hearts card by Red Ted Art. And the technique can be used on so many different shapes, not just hearts.

Heart Air Balloons Card

We obviously love hot air balloons because here’s another heart air balloon card in our list of 24 Valentine’s Day cards for school. This time Easy Peasy and Fun have created this colourful, 3D Valentine’s Day card.

Heart Skunk Valentine

We all know that Valentine’s Day can be a little stinky, so this heart skunk valentine card by Crafty Morning is just right!

Heart Shaped Ninja Turtle

Your kids may hate Valentine’s Day, but do they hate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I’m guessing maybe not! This Ninja turtle inspired card by Housing a Forest is brilliant for TMNT fans.

Emoji Heart Card

If your kids are obsessed with emojis, then why not try creating an emoji heart card a seen on Housing a Forest. Encourage your kids to show their true emotions about Valentine’s Day through emojis!

Eye Heart You Card

This googly-eye Valentine card is not only funny, but clever too! Get eyes popping around the classroom with this fun Eye Heart You card by P&G Everyday.

Valentine’s Day Heart Monkey

Forget giving cards, this cheeky little paper monkey craft by Crafty Morning is much better! Not only is this monkey craft adorable, but you can also include a message to your classmate.

Valentine’s Day Pizza Plate Card

Feeling hungry for some pizza? Maybe this pizza plate valentine’s card by Surviving a Teacher’s Salary will help you and your classmate.

DIY Pokemon Valentine’s Day Cards

Are your friend’s big Pokémon fans? Yes! Then this Pikachu, Pokédex and Pokéball cards by Lauren Fairweather on Youtube are a brilliant idea to wow your classmates!

3D Cat Card

This one is not really specific to Valentine’s Day, but is still a very cool idea by Red Ted Art. Plus we think it’s a perfect addition in our Valentine’s Day Cards for School list.

Paper Airplane Valentine

All kids love paper airplanes! This paper airplane Valentine template by No Biggie is great. Why not add a secret message especially for Valentine’s Day and then watch it soar across the classroom to reach someone really cool!

Valentine Fortune Cookies

Who says you have to give a card to your classmate! Aren’t fortune cookies a much more awesome way of giving messages to one another? This Valentine’s Fortune cookie DIY craft by A Thrifty Mom is brilliant!

Tic Tac Toe Valentine’s Day Card

Most cards are just for reading and looking at. But this Tic Tac Toe card by Happy Go Lucky is a genius idea! Not only can you read the message, but you can play a game of Tic Tac Tow with your classmates.

The Kissing Hand Pop-Up Card

Based on The Kissing Hand story, this brilliant pop-up card by Buggy and Buddy is great for both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. And it’s so quick to make!

Monster Hug Pop-Up Card

Give your classmate a big monster hug with this monster pop-up card by Housewife Eclectic. Of course the best part about creating this monstrous card is the straw painting technique to create your own unique little monster.

Got any more great Valentine’s Day Card Ideas?

Now that you have seen our 24 favourite Valentine’s Day cards for school exchanges, which one is your favourite from the above? Do you have any more cool Valentine’s day ideas to wow your kids? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

24 Valentines Day Cards for School

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