Imagine Forest nominated for Liebster Award

First of all a huge shout out to PetitePepper for nominating us! We would like to especially thank you for your kind nomination and mentioning us on your blog post. For those of you who are not familiar with Susan or Petite Pepper, here’s a quick low down. Susan is a mom lifestyle blogger. She blogs about everything from pregnancy…

submit a guest post for a kids blog _ imagine forest

If you are passionate about reading and writing then we would love to hear from you! You can be a professional or an amateur. As long as you are filled with brilliant ideas, we will be happy to hear from you. You don’t even need to your own blog or to have any previous experience. What we want, is relevant content for our blog. That means anything to do with creative writing, reading, kid’s activities, paper crafts, children’s book reviews or any other fun play ideas. Just take a look at our blog for some inspiration!

story saturday _ writing challenge _ imagine forest

We at Imagine Forest love reading the work of others, so we started a weekly writing challenge on Twitter called Story Saturday. What is this all about? Let us explain. Story Saturday is weekly writing challenge on Twitter. It is an opportunity for writers of all ages to share their work with a friendly writing community. The many benefits of writers…

imagine forest _ creative writing resources for kids

Fans of Imagine Forest may have noticed something different about the website. No, we have not starting selling ice-creams or changed our logo. But we have changed it’s overall design and soon we will be launching a brand new members area to our creative writing community. You might ask, why are we changing? Because for the past year we have been beta testing Imagine Forest, with parents, teachers and of course children and learn’t some valuable lessons.

Imagine Forest - New feature - online story creator for kids

Imagine forest continues to grow, both in users and features! To make Imagine Forest a more exciting place to be we have added some new features based on all the feedback we received in the past few weeks. Some of the key features you should look out for are the story idea generator and free downloadable PDF books.