Sandcastle Poems for Kids Written by the Story Saturday Community

There are so many weird and fun holidays out there. One wacky holiday coming up is ‘Sandcastle Day‘. Which believe it or not happens every year on the 5th August and celebrates the building of sandcastles! Sandcastles bring back so many fond childhood memories of hitting the seaside with your family, feeling the cool sea wash over your feet and watching your magnificent sandcastle getting washed away in moments.  The building of sandcastle is a magical moment. But, when was the last time you built a sandcastle? last year, 10 years ago…Sandcastle day has been created to remind people of the beauty of building a sandcastles and the fun you can have with your friends or family members. If you can’t get to the seaside, don’t worry we have 10 amazing sandcastle poems for kids that will give you the same feeling as building your own sandcastle. Why not even check our 10 amazing ‘Outdoor Summer Activities That Improve Literacy‘!

Sandcastle Poems for Kids:

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Childhood’s palaces –
Tributes to eternity,
Lost to tide and time

– Haiku by @BhhBurns

Moulding sand; yellow and brown,
So many castles, it’s like a small town,
A wave splashes over and they all fall down!

– Poem by @tyrannopaulus

Both islanders, we could’ve built sand castles together,
but I was a sea, destined to destroy,
and you, a steadfast palm tree.

– Poem by @CintzeSpeaks

Forgotten dreams
Ambition’s last stand
Fall to time and tide.
Like youth
& castles made of sand.

– Poem by @LightDarkWords

This kingdom
stands alone,
our backs
to the
A salty moat
To fend off
the giants and
their swooping

– Poem by @Poet_BDHildreth 

imagine forest_ story saturday _ sand castle poems for kids

– A Limerick by us, Imagine_forest

Along the shore
sand castles
cinnamon gold
as the sun rises
on a new day
before the tides
wash all away.

– Poem by @cyclemaniac

Love to play
with my Kingdom by the bay
Such big dreams for baby, King, & Queen
To my dismay a wave washed it away.

– Poem by @ArielliCady 

The tears started when he came back with the shells to decorate the sand castle only to find the sandy mound that remained.

– Short Story by @innerchanging

On crystal beaches
Where childhood dreams conquer all
Sand Castles still fall.

– Haiku by @saf_begum

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