16+ Must-Read Shark Poems To Read

Shark awareness day is coming and what better way to celebrate these magnificent sea-life predators than through poetry! Here are over 16 cool and funny shark poems that we absolutely love! And if you love them too, why not write your own shark poem? From haiku poems to limericks carry on reading this post for some fun shark-inspired poetry.

We have collected over 16+ poems about sharks from all over the web. And even wrote our own all to raise awareness of sharks and the life they live underwater. Every year on the 14th of July, people globally celebrate Shark Awareness Day. The goal of this day is to show the world that sharks are glorious creatures, impressive hunters and extremely important in keeping our oceans healthy. Sharks, sadly, are one of the world’s most endangered animals. They are killed every day for their sharp teeth, to make shark-fin soup and even killed because many people are scared of them. Shark awareness day is all about protecting sharks by showing their positive-side and not the villainess, evil cartoon shark that most people imagine. 

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16+ Must-Read Shark Poems 

Let’s show the world how important and awesome sharks are through the power of writing. And more specifically through the art of poetry! Here are 16+ shark poems that are great for kids that we collected. From rhyming shark poems to funny poems about great white sharks.

Shark Poems That Rhyme

Don’t go in the sea, when it’s dark

Stay on a boat 🚣, don’t disembark…

You may get eaten by a Great White Shark! 🦈 

– Rhyming Poem by @pauliancross

Deep in a blue lagoon,

Is a shark that bites you in the swimming pool.

Big white fangs,

Travelling in gangs.

To eat

– Rhyming Poem by @leowrightstudio

The life of a shark,

Is no walk in the park.

Hunted, killed and sold.

This tale never gets old.

Killed for their teeth, skin and fins.

For shark-fin soup in tins.

Ocean life is shrinking.

Humans act without thinking.

– Rhyming Poem by Imagine Forest

Shark Acrostic Poems

Swimming deep down below

High tides and wild waves

Attacking those who come too close

Racing sharks may kill the weak

Keep your distance.

Acrostic poem by Imagine Forest

Sometimes I wonder..

How did sharks become the bad guys?

Are they really the villains?

Righteously they rule the oceans.

Killing is what keeps the ocean alive, right?

Acrostic poem by Imagine Forest






Acrostic poem by Imagine Forest

Sharks Teeth Poems

In deepest ocean

Ssharks stingrays 

Swimming through some dreamer’s sleep

Kneading memories from a numinous tank

Full of giant teeth 

Poem By @frede_kenter

Shark teeth souvenirs

Man versus shark

Shark teeth trophies

For the champion

Shark teeth weapons 

For the killer

Who’s the real killer?

Poem by Imagine Forest

Sharks Teeth Poem - shark poems

Killer shark on the attack 🦈





My big whites are for smiling πŸ˜ƒ

Not for killing! 

Poem by @imagine_forest

Sharks Teeth Poems 1

Great White Shark Poems

A long way from home

A great white came to explore

Little did he know

Humans could be so cruel

No warm welcomes here

Just pure fear.

Poem by Imagine Forest

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

Those great whites can be mean.

But not as mean as humans!

Poem by Imagine Forest

Shark Poems Funny

Quint, by the shark, was bit in two,

Then gobbled up inside her.

But that great white soon met her fate,

Blown sky by Roy Scheider. 

Funny Shark Poem By @landofspike

The big bad is out at sea.

Hear the scary music .

It comes near.

It smells fear.

This could be Severe.

Hello, I’m a shark

It speaks.

We run.

The end. 

Funny Poem by Imagine Forest

Shark poems funny - shark poems

There once was a wise, old shark

He was born with a strange birthmark

Whenever he went hunting

The other sharks started grunting

His forehand had a pig-shaped mark.

Limerick by Imagine Forest

More Shark Poetry

Love being littlest of my kind 

Lots of us &

love to dine on squid & fish 

Only fret if caught in a net

Poem by @ArielliCady

“Deadly predators

Under the sea and on land

But, what’s more deadly?…”

Poem by @saf_begum

Jaws of death lurking

Greater danger lies above water

From careless shark killings!

Haiku by @storysaturday

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Shark Poems

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