35 Mother’s Day Writing Prompts That Celebrate Moms

With Mother’s Day coming up, I’m sure most of you are thinking about how you can show your appreciation for your mother’s hard work and support over the years. One way to show your appreciation can be by writing your feelings down in a card or even in the form a poem. This is a brilliant way to show your mother how much you care and appreciate everything she has done for you. We know it can be difficult to put your feelings down on a piece of paper, so have created these 35 Mother’s Day writing prompts to celebrate mother’s everywhere. We also suggest you take a look at our post on 10 books for mother’s day to get some more inspiration.

Dear Mom Letter Prompts

Not many people write letters today… That’s what makes writing a letter to you mother even more special! Surprise your mom this mother’ day with a letter to show her how much you care and love her. And here are a couple of dear mom letter prompts to get you started:

  1. Remember that time we went on that trip… Write about a recent trip or holiday you went on with your mother.
  2. Thank you for… Write a thank you letter to your mom. Write at least 5 things you are thankful for.
  3. You taught me the importance of… What one important thing or skill did your mother teach you? How has this thing helped you?
  4. I always wanted to tell you… What is the one thing you always wanted to tell your mom? You can start the sentence with this:
  5. I love this picture of you… Using a picture of your mom, describe everything you love about her. For example her long curly hair or her dedication for her family.
  6. I always think of you when… How has your mother helped you?
  7. I hope that in the future we… What would you like to do in the next few years or months with your mom?
  8. I always remember that time when…What is your favourite memory of your mom and you?

You might be interested in our post on creating your own DIY animal envelopes for letters. And why not take a look at our guide on writing a letter to your best friend?

Mommy and me Journal Ideas

Journal writing in general is great for expressing your feelings. For Mother’s Day, journaling can help you see why your mom is so important and remind you of all those wonderful moments you shared. This can be a great starting point for when you want to write something meaningful in a card or say something that warms your mother’s heart. When writing in your journal, these ideas might help you:

  1. I should tell my mom that…Is there something you always wanted to say to your mother and never got the chance?
  2. The first memory I have of my mom is…Think back through the years, what memories stick out to you?
  3. The best thing about my mom is…
  4. I can make my mom’s life easier by…What is the hardest part of being a mother and is there anything you can do to help out?
  5. When I am sad, my mom…
  6. My mom is happiest when she is…What makes your mother happy? Maybe try listing things that make her laugh or smile.
  7. My mom always says… Think of some things your mother always says and how they make you feel. Maybe there’s a song she always sings or something she is always yelling at you about?
  8. What are your plans for Mother’s Day? How will you show your appreciation to your mom?
  9. Imagine your life without your mother. What would be different?
  10. What names have you called your mom in the past and how have these changed? You could even think about the nicknames your mom calls you and how she came up with these.
  11. My mom’s favourite story about me is… when I was…
  12. In the future, my mom and I will…What plans do you have for the future? What would you like to do with your mom when you’re older?

Mother’s Day Poetry Ideas

Writing a poem to show how much you love your mom is another popular activity for Mother’s Day. Poetry is not only fun, but is a very beautiful and touching idea for Mother’s Day. Your poem can be fun or serious, long or short – it doesn’t matter as long as you have expressed your feelings! Here are a couple of poetry prompts for Mother’s Day:

  1. Write an acrostic poem using the word ‘Mother’ or ‘Mom’. You can even challenge yourself by writing an acrostic poem using the words, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.
  2. Write a shape poem in the shape of a heart or flower to tell you mom how much you love her.
  3. Using as many similes as you can, describe how much you love your mom in a simile poem:

My mom is as funny as a _____________
My mom is as sweet as a ____________
My mom is as caring as a ____________

  1. If your mom was a superhero, what powers would she have? Write a poem in any style you like!
  2. Write a poem, where every line starts with, I love my mom because… Aim for at least 8 lines.

Take a look at these fun examples of poems to inspire you!

Message Ideas for Mother’s Day cards

Whether you buy a beautiful card from the shop or make your own card, the message inside can be the hardest part! What can you write inside a Mother’s Day card to show how special your mom is? It’s so hard, but we hope these ideas along with the other Mother’s Day writing prompts in this post can help you out:

  1. Use a quote from a book or movie that reminds you of your mom. Then write down how this makes you feel and why it reminds you of your mom.
  2. Think about something your mom is always saying and write down how you can help out.
  3. Thing of a least 10 things you love about your mom or how she has brought happiness to your life.
  4. Complete this sentence: I can’t think of day without your… You can mention everything your mom has taught you and how this has helped you.
  5. Mention everything (or around 10 things) you are thankful for (see our dear mom letter prompts above for more ideas)

Other writing ideas

To get you thinking about Mother’s Day and why this day is so important, here are a couple more writing prompts to inspire you:

  1. What qualities make a good mom? And why do you think these are important?
  2. The most common gifts for Mother’s Day include flowers and cards. What is the worst gift you could give your mom and why? (Take a look at this list of the best gift for writers for inspiration.)
  3. Do you have any traditions on Mother’s Day? Is there something you always do every year on Mother’s Day?
  4. Why do you think Mother’s Day is celebrated every year?
  5. Do you think being a mom is a difficult or easy role? Would you ever want to take on the responsibilities of being a mom for one week?
35 Mothers Day Writing Prompts

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