12 Summer Creative Writing Prompts To Get Your Kids Writing Over Summer

Summer holidays can be so exciting at first, with so many things to do and so many places to go. But as the weeks go by or even after a few days they can get a little boring! If you find your child getting bored, take a look at these 12 summer creative writing prompts to get your kids writing this summer. It is important to keep your child’s mind busy over the holidays with quick writing tasks to develop their creativity and writing skills. It is even more important to create a nice balance between work and time to relax. We don’t want to bore them with long writing assignments and we don’t want them sitting at their desks all day long. Therefore we encourage the child to go outside with a clipboard when trying out these summer creative writing prompts. And to work with their friends and family members to develop ideas and to write together.

Why not take part in our online summer writing challenge – New summer-related prompts are added daily!

Summer Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. You find a messenge in a bottle washed up on a shore. What do you do?
  2. Create a bucket list of everything you want to achieve this summer holiday.
  3. We all heard the legend of mermaids and the loch ness monster. But can you write your own legend about a mysterious sea creature? Does this creature still exist? How did it once live? What happened to it?
  4. If summer was a person, who would it be? Describe their appearance, their personality and what would they like to do?
  5. You’re on the beach collecting seashells. You then hear a calm whisper from one of the seashells. It whispers, “Come, find me…” What do you do next?
  6. Keep a journal of everything you have done during your summer holidays. You can write in your journal daily or weekly. And write about your feelings, what you did, what made you happy, what made you sad and anything else. You can even include drawings and photographs.
  7. Write a limerick about the summer sun. Remember a limerick is a funny poem, which normally ends with a surprising ending. See our post on how to write a limerick.
  8. Feeling bored? Create a word cloud with as many words relating to summer. See the example of a summer word cloud below.
  9. Write a shape poem about the summer. Take a look at our Alice in the Wonderland inspired shape poetry for inspiration.
  10. Did you read anything interesting over the summer? Write a book review. What did you like about the book? What would you change? And out of 5 stars and how much would you rate it?
  11. Create your own newspaper company. Pretend you are the top reporter at this company and write articles about anything interesting you heard and saw around your town, on the TV or in a magazine. You can even release a new issue of your newspaper every week or every day!
  12. Start your own comic. Think of your main character and start designing away. Take a look at our tips for creating your first comic strip here.

For more summer writing ideas, see our mega list of over 72 summer writing prompts!

summer word list word cloud
Example of a summer-themed word cloud

What are your thoughts on these summer prompts?

We hope these summer creative writing prompts encourage your children to get writing over the summer holidays. Do you have any more ideas for writing prompts for kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

summer Creative Writing Prompts To Get Kids Writing

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