31 October Writing Prompts + FREE Calendar Printable

Our October writing prompts are all about spooky moments and personal reflections. Keep on reading for some terrifyingly good inspiration for your writing this month!

October is a month where you can do some writing about your future, memoirs, or anything you want to get off your chest. It’s also about getting spooked out, writing about the scariest things you heard off – both fact and fictional. Our list of October writing prompts includes a mix of creative Halloween prompts and reflective journal prompts.

Keep on reading to get your hands on our free October calendar printable. For more scary stuff check out these spooky Halloween image prompts.

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31 October Writing Prompts

So what are some of the writing ideas for October? Well…Here are 31 prompts that will help you set your creativity free this month!

  1. Every day, I would wake up and smile. I never thought about why I smiled. I just did. One day, I woke up and realized that for the first time in a long time, I wasn’t smiling. Continue this story prompt.
  2. Make a greeting card for your best friend with your favourite farm animal on the cover. You can even include a funny message inside!
  3. Your old neighbour has asked you to go to their annual Halloween party. You haven’t seen them in years, but you decide to go anyway. What happens next?
  4. Write a super scary description of an animal you are most scared of.
  5. Who is the best teacher you ever had and why?
  6. Write a paragraph describing a badger in great detail. What would you say to a person who has never seen a badger before in their life?
  7. Every year before Halloween your school has a competition on who can collect 100 chocolate bars the quickest. With just 2 days until Halloween, you only have collected 18 bars. How will you reach the target of 100?
  8. Make a list of at least five differences and similarities between humans and octopuses. 
  9. On Halloween night you visit your friend’s house dressed up as a witch. When your friend opens the door, they start crying. Continue this story…
  10. For Mental Health day, can you describe ‘Mental Health’ in your own words? What does it mean? Could you give examples of some mental illnesses? Do you know anyone who has experienced this?
  11. Describe a super scary haunted house in great detail. Think about the monsters that live inside and the decorations. 
  12. Write a short story about a computer programmer who predicts that the world will end in 130 days. 
  13. Everywhere Dana went, the same old teddy bear kept on showing up. Was it haunted? Continue this story…
  14. The pizzas are alive and they’re having a party at your house! What do you do next?
  15. With every key pressed, and with every message sent, the computer became very smart. Smarter than any human alive. Continue this story…
  16. For world food day, make a shopping list of all your favourite food and ingredients. Try to keep your shopping within the budget of £30!
  17. Why do you think people celebrate Halloween? What traditions are followed during this time?
  18. Why are black cats considered bad luck? Write your own origin story of why some believe that seeing a black cat means bad luck.
  19. Imagine you are a witch, create your own rhyming magic spell. What does this spell do when it’s cast?
  20. Write a fairytale about a sloth who becomes the best magician in the animal kingdom. 
  21. Can you write a spooky cooking recipe that includes apples? 
  22. Would you rather be a ghost who can turn invisible or a vampire who can turn into a bat? Explain your answer. 
  23. Deep in the mountains of Asia, a group of snow leopards live. Describe a day in the life of being part of this snow leopard family.
  24. Imagine you are a ghost who loves to play pranks on humans. Describe at least three pranks you could play? (Check out this awesome ghost name generator!)
  25. Draw a picture of the scariest monster ever, and include a caption to describe it.
  26. On Halloween night all pumpkins come alive and start playing tricks on the humans. Continue this story…
  27. A sad little black cat tries to find a new home – A place where no one is scared of it. Continue this story.
  28. Plan your own Halloween dinner party. You can even create Halloween-themed invites. 
  29. Tired of being bossed about by a witch, one cat decides to go solo this Halloween. Continue this story…
  30. Write a how-to guide on creating your own Halloween costume. 
  31. Make a list of your top ten favourite Halloween candies.

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FREE October Calendar Printable

Ready to complete our October writing challenge? Print out our free October Writing prompts calendar for 2021 and get started:

October Writing Prompts Calendar Printable
Download our free October writing prompts calendar 2021

These October writing prompts are not just for October. You can use these prompts any time of the year, especially if you’re looking for some horror inspiration. Can you complete all 31 October writing prompts? Let us know in the comments below!

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