30 September Writing Prompts + FREE Calendar Printable

Summer is officially over! It’s time to go back to school with the help of these inspiring and fun September writing prompts. Get your child back into the habit of writing with these quick and simple writing prompts that aim to inspire and educate young minds. The main theme of these September prompts includes friendship, reading, cats, the environment and of course, back to school. If you love cats, check out these purrfect cat writing prompts!

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September Writing Prompts

Feel inspired to write with these 30 creative September prompts. Everything from journal prompts to writing ideas to get you back into the habit of writing:

  1. Write a letter to your best friend. What makes them special? What do you love most about them?
  2. Write a short story about a cat who goes to a cat training school to become a better house cat. 
  3. Every Tuesday night a group of cats meet at the top of a skyscraper. Continue this story…
  4. For Wildlife Day, pick an animal that lives in your local area, and research five interesting facts about this animal.
  5. A Persian cat and a pet rock are best friends. Create a comic strip of their most recent adventure.
  6. Write a book review for a recent book you read. Think about your favourite parts of the book. And what did you dislike about this book?
  7. For Superhuman’s day, write a short inspirational story about a young athlete’s journey to entering the paralympic games.
  8. Write down at least five tips for overcoming writer’s block.
  9. Write a story about a lonely, wild bear who discovers a teddy bear in the woods. 
  10. Make a list of at least five story ideas where the main character is a cat.
  11. Write a newspaper article titled, The World Richest Cat.
  12. Jennie and her best friend always played video games after school, until one day when everything changed. Continue this story…
  13. It’s Roald Dahl’s Birthday! What is your favourite Roald Dahl book and why? Check out these amazing Roald Dahl quotes with pictures.
  14. 10 years after their friendship broke down, a group of friends reconnect at a cafe. Continue this story…
  15. For Greenpeace day, write a haiku about protecting the environment. You might also like our Earth Day writing prompts
  16. What’s the best thing about being back at school, and what’s the worst? Check out our back to school themed reading list.
  17. Write a how-to guide on how to make friends at school. 
  18. Create your own cat-inspired greeting card. What would the message read inside? Maybe you could include something funny on the front cover?
  19. Imagine you are interviewing a real-life pirate. Write at least 10 questions and responses for this interview. Remember to use pirate lingo when responding! Check out these amazing pirate writing prompts for more fun ideas.
  20. Think about world peace and harmony. Write down at least 3 ideas that can bring peace to the world.
  21. For World Gratitude Day, make a list of at least 10 things in your life that you are grateful for. 
  22. It’s Doodle day! Create a doodle or drawing that summarises your day, and write a short caption below it.
  23. Imagine you are a house cat, write a journal entry about your day. 
  24. What tips would you give to someone who hates reading? Try to list at least 5 tips. 
  25. Write down the last dream or nightmare you remember having. Try to be as detailed as possible. Think about what you saw, heard and felt in this dream. 
  26. Write an acrostic poem using the letters that spell, ‘Reading’.
  27. Complete this sentence in at least 10 different ways: The school bell rings. You run inside your classroom to find…
  28. Create your own reading list of books you want to read in the next 6 months. 
  29. Imagine that you are a house cat, what is your greatest fear, and what is your greatest want in life. 
  30. Write a rhyming poem about cats. Check this post for some funny examples of cat poems.

FREE September Calendar Printable

Ready to complete our September writing challenge? Print out our free September Writing prompts calendar for 2021 and get started:

September Writing Prompts Calendar Printable
Download our free September writing prompts calendar 2021

Can you complete all 30 September writing prompts? Let us know in the comments below! And when you’re finished, check out our October writing challenge.

September writing prompts

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