8 Magical Unicorn Poems for National Unicorn Day imagine forest

Unicorn’s don’t exist or do they? Out of all the mythological creatures out there, the Minotaur, dragons, the phoenix, vampires, werewolves – The unicorn is the most magical and the most majestic. It even appears in many children’s books, such as Harry Potter, The looking glass by Lewis Carroll and let’s not forget the My Little Pony franchise. They truly do deserve their own day and you know what? They do have their own day! April 9th is National Unicorn day. The day was created to celebrate these beautiful creatures and to remind both adults and kids alike that a little magic and make-believe never hurt anyone. So, to celebrate National Unicorn day we worked with Story Saturday to create a writing challenge, where Twitter users share their own poems about Unicorns. We got many fun and magical entries from the community and here are our top 8 unicorn poems.

vampire poems for kids _ imagine forest _story saturday

All October, the Story Saturday community has been celebrating Scaretober to get into the Halloween spirit. Last week to kick Scaretober off, we gave our community a very spooky writing prompt. Which was, vampires! And we loved the vampire poems our Story Saturday members came up with. Here are our top 10 vampire poems for kids written by our Story Saturday…

story saturday _ sandcastle poems for kids _ imagine forest

There are so many weird and fun holidays out there. One wacky holiday coming up is ‘Sandcastle Day’. Which believe it or not happens every year on the 5th August and celebrates the building of sandcastles! Sandcastles bring back so many fond childhood memories of hitting the seaside with your family, feeling the cool sea wash over your feet and watching your magnificent sandcastle getting washed away in moments. The building of sandcastle is a magical moment. But, when was the last time you built a sandcastle?

story Saturday _ fairy poems for kids _ imagine forest

Last week the Story Saturday community were set a challenge to write a story or poem about fairies. We received a generous amount of fairy poems from our community members. Ranging from six word stories to haiku poems. You can see the full list of fairy poems here. If you would like to share your own story with the Story Saturday community, just use the hashtag #storysaturday on Twitter with your poem or story. Here are some of our favourite fairy poems:

story saturday _ writing challenge _ imagine forest

We at Imagine Forest love reading the work of others, so we started a weekly writing challenge on Twitter called Story Saturday. What is this all about? Let us explain. Story Saturday is weekly writing challenge on Twitter. It is an opportunity for writers of all ages to share their work with a friendly writing community. The many benefits of writers…