March Writing Prompts + FREE Calendar Printable

Another month, another set of writing challenges. Our March writing prompts cover a range of themes including female empowerment, St. Patrick’s Day, the start of spring and environmental issues. We even have a free March writing prompts calendar printable to keep you writing every day this month. Missed last month writing challenge? Here is our February writing prompts calendar.

We have created 31 writing prompts for March to keep your kids engaged all month long! Our March writing prompts are a mixture of reflective, creative and even quick questions to make it easy to complete each daily challenge. The recommended age for these prompts is mostly middle school students in the 2nd grade, 3rd grade or 4th grade. With a little help and guidance, you could also use these March prompts with your Kindergarten students as well!

March Writing Challenge

For 31 days, here are 31 March writing prompts to complete every day:

  1. Write down at least three goals for this month.
  2. What is your favourite Dr. Seuss character and why?
  3. The number eight is jealous of the number seven – Why is seven always so lucky! Continue this story.
  4. Write a book review of a recent book you read.
  5. You find a magical book. Whenever you read it you are transported to a magical kingdom…Continue the story.
  6. It’s Dentist’s Day! What is your favourite part about going to the dentist and why?
  7. Imagine you are Valentina Tereshkova (first woman in space) – Write a journal entry of the day before her solo mission into space (15th June 1963).
  8. Write about an inspirational woman in your life.
  9. Write a story where your favourite toy is the main character and your least favourite toy is the villain.
  10. It’s Mario Day! Do you enjoy playing video games and which game is your favourite?
  11. Write a day in the life story of being a mother.
  12. Describe the stages of growth a daffodil goes through from seed to fully-blossomed flower. 
  13. Complete the following sentence in ten different ways – Women rule the world because…
  14. Write a limerick poem about a silly butterfly who gets into trouble.
  15. Would you rather be a vet or a popstar – Explain your answer.
  16. You find a leprechaun in your backyard – He asks for your help in finding a pot of gold…Continue this story.
  17. Why do people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  18. Imagine yourself as a kite flying high in the sky – Write a poem about this.
  19. Can you write down at least five tips on how to sleep better?
  20. Write a haiku about Spring and the new things this season brings.
  21. Write a story about a happy sunflower who needs to cheer up their best friend, Tulip.
  22. It’s World Water Day! Write down at least five ways you can save water in your daily life. (See our Earth Day writing prompts)
  23. While eating a piece of toast, the toast comes alive and starts screaming at you. Continue this story…
  24. Imagine that you are a queen ant for a colony of over 1,000 ants – What does your role involve?
  25. What is your favourite thing to eat in the morning during breakfast and why?
  26. Write a haiku poem about the colour purple.
  27. Can you write a short movie script based on a dream you recently had?
  28. Write a letter to Marie Curie (first woman scientist to receive a Nobel prize) – What inspires you about her?
  29. Every time you play the piano, a portal opens up to a new world… Continue this story.
  30. Describe a pencil to an alien visitor. Imagine you meet an alien and it asks you, “What is that thing in your hand?” – How would you reply.
  31. Research at least five facts about Manatees (also known as sea cows).

Looking for more March writing prompts? Check out our post on 365 daily writing prompts.

FREE March Writing Prompt Calendar Printable

Keep the writing going this month with our free March writing prompts calendar printable. Download our free March calendar below:

March Writing Prompt Calendar Printable
Download your free March writing prompt calendar 2021

How many March writing prompts will you manage to complete this month? Let us know in the comments below! Finished with these March challenges? Check out our April writing prompts challenge.

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