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Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts for Kids
Guest Posts, Journal Prompts
10 Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts for Kids

Believe it or not, journaling isn’t just for adults. In fact, children can also benefit from journaling. With the power to express themselves in a writing outlet, kids can talk about pretty much anything that they want. But what if your child can’t think of what to write about? No ...

Best Rhyming Books For Kids
Guest Posts, Reading Lists
A Parent’s Guide To The Best Rhyming Books For Your Kids

Almost everyone knows that reading to your child from an incredibly young age is essential for creating avid readers. What better books to read than books that rhyme? Young children love playing and rhyme is wordplay, so it makes listening to stories fun, easily remembered, and encourages a love of ...

haunted house name generator
Halloween, Idea Generators
900+ Haunted House Names + Generator

No Halloween story is complete without a haunted house. Who lives there? No-one knows. But one thing we know is that the house is haunted. Haunted with the spirits of the dead. Haunted by the monsters that live there. And haunted by its name. Speaking of all things possessed, this ...

monster name generator
Halloween, Idea Generators
Monster Name Generator: 1,000+ Monster Name Ideas

It’s time to do the monster mash, as you jump into this mega-monster name generator! Find over 1,000 name ideas for cute monsters, scary monsters and even good monsters in this Halloween-inspired name generator. Perfect for some Halloween writing or for your next horror ...

Werewolf Name Generator
Halloween, Idea Generators
Werewolf Name Generator: 500+ Werewolf Name Ideas

Is there a full moon out today or do we just love werewolves? This werewolf name generator contains over 500 random name ideas for werewolves or lycanthropes. It even contains werewolf pack names with each name idea ...

elf name ideas
Idea Generators
Elf Name Generator: 1,000+ Elf Names For Fantasy Writing

This elf name generator contains over 1,000 random name ideas for elves. Elves are human-like creatures, normally with pointed ears. They can come with many different traits, abilities and powers. For instance, certain elves may specialise in medicine and healing powers, while others are masters of archery and stealth. ...

November writing prompts
Writing Challenges, Writing Prompts
30 November Writing Prompts + FREE Calendar Printable

In this post, we’ll look at 30 November writing prompts. This month’s theme is focused on three main topics: Vegan Month, Manatees and adoption. Of course, to stop you from getting bored, we’ve also included some off-topic prompts to keep the creative juices flowing. You might be wondering, why these ...

Horror Book Title Ideas
Halloween, Idea Generators
Horror Book Title Generator: 180+ Horror Title Ideas

Zombies, ghosts and haunted mansions - This horror book title generator has over 180 creepy horror title ideas for your next horror story! Looking for a creepy horror title idea, then give our generator a spin! You can pick any of these horror titles, and then them into a super ...

October writing prompts
Halloween, Writing Challenges, Writing Prompts
31 October Writing Prompts + FREE Calendar Printable

Our October writing prompts are all about spooky moments and personal reflections. Keep on reading for some terrifyingly good inspiration for your writing this month! October is a month where you can do some writing about your future, memoirs, or anything you want to get off your chest. It’s also ...

Ghost name generator
Halloween, Idea Generators
500+ Ghost Names: Good, Evil & Cute Names for Ghost

Let’s get Halloween started early this year with this spooky ghost name generator. Writing a ghost story? You’ll find this master list of over 500 ghost names useful for stories, role-playing or even getting character ideas for ...


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