6 Fun Video Writing Prompts For Middle School Kids

We talked about writing prompts. We talked about image prompts and now it’s time to introduce you to video writing prompts! Just like any other type of prompts, video prompts are designed to inspire and encourage reluctant writers to write for pleasure. The best thing about using video writing prompts in the classroom is that your students can see and hear different scenarios playing in front of them. Instead of reading paragraphs of text, which can be overwhelming and even boring for some students. 

Video prompts are also really beneficial for younger writers who might struggle to develop interesting ideas or visualise a story in their head. The visual aspect of them means that students can see the main character in front of them and even the setting the story could take place in. This takes out a lot of the hard work that would normally be needed to come up with good story ideas

Another thing we noticed about using video writing prompts in the classroom is the level of creativity in students. When students view video prompts, they hear the sounds, see the colours and gain a better understanding of the prompt. This allows them to explore different questions about the prompt and even consider “what if” scenarios. All this goodness develops the student’s excitement in the topic and even motivates them to write for pleasure – Rather than seeing writing as a chore! 

Fun Video writing prompts (10)

  1. Dragon Invasion

This video prompt is about finding a dragon egg in your backyard. It encourages kids to write a short story about raising and taking care of a baby dragon. While the prompt does have some narration, students can use the video to write their own script between them and the dragon. 

Dragon video writing prompt

  1. Caveman in the City

Now, this is a funny one. Your middle school students will definitely love it! Imagine if you found a young caveman crying in a dumpster – What would you do? There are so many ideas to explore with this cute video prompt. For example, what would you say to the caveman or will your story involve time travel? It’s all up to you and your imagination!

Caveman video prompt on Youtube

  1. The Prince of Darkness

Everyone loves a fairytale, but it’s not easy to write your own fairytale. This video writing prompt focuses on a young prince who is cursed with the power of darkness. Everything is explained in the video, all you need to do is give him a happy ending or not. 

Fairytale video writing prompt

  1. Ninja Cats Rescue Mission

Cats are cute, but have you ever wondered what they do at night? Well… here’s one idea – Maybe they’re ninja cats. Napping during the day and fighting crime throughout the night. In this video, one of the ninja cats has been cat-knapped (or kidnapped) by someone! Who has kidnapped the cat and why? How will the ninja cats save their friend in this scenario?

ninja cats Video writing prompts

  1. Year of the Rat

One day you are a normal kid, the next day you’re a rat being yelled at by your mom! That’s a tough life. How will you survive? Why did you even turn into a rat? Can you even turn back into a human?

  1. Cupid’s Lost Love

If you lived in a world with no love and happiness, what would it look like? In this Valentine’s day special prompt, you have to bring back the love by helping cupid out. This is a versatile prompt which can be used for quick writing activities like writing a letter or a list of items or to write a whole short story. 

More video writing prompts to be added weekly to our Youtube channel! Please subscribe to stay up-to-date.

How to Use Video Writing Prompts

Now that you’ve seen some fun video writing prompts, here are a couple of ideas for using them for your middle school or even elementary school students:

  1. Warm-up Writing: Start your writing or English lesson with a quickfire round using these video writing prompts. Encourage your students to share their ideas of how they might end the story or how they might help the characters in the prompts. 
  2. Homework/School Project: Since these video writing prompts can be accessed from anywhere via Youtube, you can ask your students to write an entire story and share it with their classmates. In fact, you can ask your students to publish their books online using the Imagine Forest story creator
  3. Team Writing Projects: Split your students into groups of 5 and get all the groups to work together on the same video writing prompt. They can work together to collaboratively come up with different endings to the prompt. Then each team can present their endings in front of their class and see how the endings compare with each other.
  4. More than just stories: These video prompts can encourage kids to write more than just short stories. They can be used to encourage students to write letters, scripts, comic strips, opinion-based essays or whatever else is on your syllabus. 

Would you like a video writing prompt on a particular subject? Contact our team and we’ll be happy to transform your idea into a fun video prompt. 

Video writing Prompts for kids

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